Friday, 17 April 2009

Jacqui Smith Total Cunt

by Simon Heffer

"How, after all, can one describe Jacqui Smith, our Home Secretary? The adjectives come thick and fast, but all seem insufficient to describe this ambulant catastrophe. Preposterous, corrupt, dim, incompetent, sleazy, incapable: none of them is quite the job"


  1. Sue, you might like this one I found here:

  2. We are now fully paid up members of the Stasi State Society. Jacqui Smith is holding a conference with North Korea, China, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Pakistan and Burma, to exchange ideas on how to repress and imprison innocent people.

    A leak at the Home Office has said Robert Mugabe is getting Jacqui Smith’s job because she fucked up the country with the help of her wanker Nu-Labour politicos, where Robert Mugabe was able to fuck up his country all by himself.

    Jacqui Smith is not even as good as Robert Mugabe, and he is a wanker, just goes to show how fucking crap she is.

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  4. New Labour (Beer and Circus and Gambling) has sought to dumb this nation down into the gutter of the lowest common denominator.

    Millenium Eye - stupid coconut shy,
    Grinning Blair - Bliar cancer and warmonger

    Aspergers Brown - mis-grinning clown - socialy inept debtmongering facilitatoring twit.

    Mandelson - so seedy and bent the arch liar appointed by Blair he will always let himslef down because he is a self destructive greedy and shallow idiot

    Prescott the fat dim moron should eat himslef to death and then write a book about it that nobody buys.

    Blears - totaly thick

    Jacqui Smoth - failed dunce Domestic Science teacher ...thick, lazy, liar, bent, criminal in charge of the criminal justice system - having her as Home Secretary it is like Nero making his pet monkey a senator - only worse.

    It started with must end with Brown...these stupid, dunce-thick, lying cheating stealing bullying bastards are dragging out country down into the gutter with them.

  5. We need to bring this government down people!

  6. With any luck Labour will make ooor Jacqui, the well known cunt, Prime Minister upon Gordons imminent departure to the funny farm.
    That would ensure their eclipse for a thousand years.
    Polly toynbee is a cunt too.